Guy Lombardo’s Royal Canadians

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Founded in 1919, the Lombardo Orchestra is the longest running dance orchestra in the world; with over 500 hit songs to its credit – more than any other orchestra in the world. Since Lombardo’s first TV show in 1954, this orchestra has played for more than 1.5 billion viewers, making a New Year’s tradition out of the Scottish ballad Auld Lang Syne. They have sold over 500 million musical albums.

In 1989 Al Pierson took up the baton of the famed Guy Lombardo’s Royal Canadians with the blessings, and a long-term contract, from the Lombardo family. This exciting new chapter in Pierson’s life was a challenge that he was totally prepared for. He shows a dedication to the distinctive and recognizable style and grand tradition that made the Lombardo Orchestra one of the most listened to, talked about, and imitated big bands of all time.